• How to Sext Safely

    In recent years, ‘sexting’ has been a trend that’s attracted the attention of the most confident among us. Involving messages of a sexual nature – whether through text, images, or even videos – some like to connect with partners using this technique and it can be a great way to further the initial chemistry. However, there are some precautions you should take.
  • What’s ‘Good’ Sex? Are You ’Great’ in Bed?

    When enjoying good sex, we’re generally more confident in sharing things normally kept under wraps. Equally, there’s a relationship between low self-esteem and bad sex where they negatively impact one another. When this occurs, there are three common anxieties we experience; we feel a lack of knowledge or practice, that our bodies just aren’t attractive, or that we tire more than most.
  • Avoiding Online Dating Scams

    Today, there are hundreds of dating websites on the internet. As well as the ones known for starting relationships, there are others known for scammers and hackers. If you want to keep yourself safe when looking for your one love, pay attention to the fantastic tips we’ve compiled below!
  • Creating the Perfect Dinner Date

    When it comes to dating, there are a whole host of activities to do and places to go. For many years, a simple dinner date has been a common choice since it allows a great opportunity to talk and get to know one another.
  • Pros and Cons of Video Chatting

    We love online dating; even if you have the busiest schedule known to man, you can still hop online or use a mobile app to build confidence and talk to people of the opposite sex. When in the waiting room for the doctor, commuting to work, or queuing at the local store, you can open the app and reply to messages. Let’s not forget, we can also talk to more than one woman and increase our chances of finding that special somebody.
  • Dating and Entering Relationships After Divorce

    While we like to believe in the fairytales, not every relationship has a happy ending. In fact, half of all marriages now end in divorce after the love they felt during the early stages disappears. With the divorce rate only increasing, researchers have been investigating how the process of getting divorced affects one’s thinking and we’re going to dig beneath the surface today.
  • Is There a Connection Between Sex and a Happy Relationship?

    For the longest time, there’s been a general thinking that couples that have sex more will have a happier relationship. However, we now have research and evidence for this debate and it suggests there are no links whatsoever. Why is this the case?
  • Does Immaturity Affect Dating?

    When it comes to relationships, there are many common problems we must overcome and one of the biggest is managing the transition from ‘me’ to ‘we’. For those without experience in mature relationships, it can be tough to navigate and but does that mean immaturity can stop us from dating completely?
  • Why Video Chat is Much Better than Pictures

    With the expansion of the internet in recent years, internet dating has become more and more common in society. Even fifteen years ago, there was huge stigma attached to the idea of meeting somebody online but now 20% of all relationships start here. What’s more, many industry experts believe this will increase to 50% by the year 2031. Since everybody now seems to own a smartphone and dating apps are an efficient method of dating with a busy lifestyle, the numbers are only getting stronger.
  • Questions You Should Never Ask on a First Date

    Whether you met online or perhaps you’ve been friends for a while, the first date is an important one. If it goes well, this could be the next relationship and it could even be the last ‘first date’ you ever attend. Although people tend to laugh when we say this, it’s going to happen at some point. Therefore, you don’t want to take a wrong step and, by ‘wrong step’, we mean…these questions.
  • Online Dating: 4 Huge Misconceptions

    For those who work from home or don’t really get time to interact with other people outside of work, online dating is a fantastic tool. However, success can be hard to come by when it isn't taken seriously.
  • Is an Open Relationship a Good Solution?

    Let’s play devil’s advocate for a moment, monogamous relationships simply aren't working. If they were, we wouldn't have the ludicrous divorce and infidelity rates we have currently. Are we biologically designed to mate with one human for the rest of our lives? Are we now starting to realize that it’s incredibly easy to connect with more than one person?
  • Dating a Short Girl: 10 Things You Should Know

    How short is a ‘short’ girl? Well, this depends on your own height because it’s all relative. However, we aren't about to jump into the science of what ‘short’ means. Instead, we’re going to provide you with ten things you should know if you’re dating a short girl!
  • How to Make Long-Distance Relationships Go the Distance

    After a bad breakup, there’s no better way to connect with another human being and allow yourself to disconnect from the failed relationship than a one-night stand. Of course, we would never recommend making decisions in the heat of the moment though because a one-night stand can quickly lead to confusion and mixed emotions.
  • Are Extra Marital Affairs Ever Worth It?

    As the divorce rate around the world proves, sticking with just one partner is incredibly difficult and those who go the distance deserve the respect of all of us mere mortals. Over the years, a relationship requires hard work, determination, love, effort, and trust. When entering a relationship, not only are we gambling they can stay faithful but we’re also trusting ourselves too.
  • Having a Conversation Before Meeting Someone From a Dating Website

    With the advancements we’ve seen in the online dating world in recent years, we’re currently at a really exciting point where we can meet people of similar molds. After meeting somebody, it’s natural to send a few emails and get the conversation going online. However, moving this relationship to an in-person date is a completely different prospect. Before meeting with them, we recommend the following considerations!
  • Orgasms the Answer to All Stressful Situations?

    As well as having a very important purpose, many people see sex as a recreational activity and something to do for fun. However, there are a certain group who see it as a necessity…a daily necessity.
  • 5 Reasons You’re Failing at Online Dating

    Whether you love online dating or would prefer to send your love interest letters, online dating is here to stay and this is a fact we can’t change. Therefore, you need to know how to succeed. Before that, however, you need to know why you’re currently failing. If you’re on the verge of giving up, keep reading because we have the top five most common reasons for failure!
  • Dating Outside Your Race

    When it comes to racism, there are still some shocking events every so often but the world has progressed massively over the past few decades. Today, we want to discuss the topic of interracial dating because I’ve always been comfortable dating outside my race while others haven’t and it’s interesting to see the two different groups.
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating

    As well as taking significant chunks of the day, online dating can be frustrating and tough. Until you meet the person face-to-face, you never really know whether you’re going to get along and, more often than not, there are things we like and things we don’t like about the person after a date. To help guide you through, here are some simple do’s and don’ts to the world of online dating.
  • Boosting Your Online Attraction Score

    For the longest time, there’s been a universal rating system for judging people’s looks of the opposite sex. ‘Wow, he’s clearly a nine’ and ‘She’s a solid eight, dude’ have become commonplace in society and this all comes back to our childhoods when we’d see beautiful women before we even knew how to tie a neck tie properly.
  • Flirting Like an Expert

    Is flirting not your forte? Have prior flirtation attempts lead to embarrassment or humiliation? If so, use the following suggestions to perfect your flirting game.
  • What is the Meaning of “Hook-Up”?

    The definition of “hook-up” depends on the context of a discussion, the age of the individual saying it, and cultural settings. I personally have heard and interpreted the phrase in at least five unique ways...
  • Are We More Than Friends?

    These five words are uttered millions of times per year all around the world in dozens of languages; ‘are we more than friends’. Whether it’s to friends, family members, or even asking ourselves looking for the answer, it’s certainly a tricky topic to approach.
  • Ultimate Dating Tips

    Long gone are the days where phone calls and sending letters was the norm for dating; nowadays, it is just as easy to start a relationship with someone halfway around the world than it is with our next-door neighbour
  • How Women Judge Sexual Performance

    Sexual performance; the thing that every man worries about but no man ever wants to discuss. In truth, men would rather go on dreaming than be told anything bad so let’s answer some common questions so the conversation never has to be had;
  • Casual Relationships - Tips For Managing Expectations

    Casual relationships can be dangerous, not only because there is a risk your friends will find out but also because it can be hard to remain realistic. Casual relationships can be extremely fun and exciting but if you can’t manage your expectations, things can turn sour.
  • Adult Dating Service Assists in Having Affairs

    Let’s hope by this time all the holy men, rabbis, soccer moms, and of course children are asleep. Why? Well, because if you are still awake then there’s a good chance you’re considering an affair.
  • Adult Dating: Meeting Sex Partners

    Moving into the world of online dating can be a scary step; your computer screen is suddenly full of people that are looking for casual relationships and the whole process can be somewhat overwhelming.
  • All about Casual Dating

    ‘Casual dating’ is a very loose term and many people find different definitions to suite their situation but what, in essence, does the term mean? Most would say that it is two people wanting to get to know each other whilst staying away from any real commitments.
  • “Friends With Benefits” features

    The term ‘friends with benefits’ is one that is used often in today’s world and the premise has even been made into a film with the same title. However, what does the term mean?

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