Blog, 2016-06-01 What Is a No Strings Attached Relationship?

John Brown
What Is a No Strings Attached Relationship? You might hear the phrase No Strings Attached, perhaps on TV, or through conversing with friends.

You might hear the phrase "No Strings Attached”, perhaps on TV, or through conversing with friends or on TV. What exactly does such a relationship entail?

A No Strings Attached relationship implies an interaction where the parties involved are not interested in anything past a sexual encounter. No conditions, no requirements. The two people can be as affectionate with one another as they want outside of their sexual activities, but romance or feelings are completely taken off the table beforehand.

What Is a No Strings Attached Relationship?

Anyone in a No Strings Attached relationship has zero expectations of the person they’re being physical with. Neither party wants anything past a physical encounter. Addressing such things prior to getting involved in such a relationship eliminates the clinginess, neediness, feelings and emotional obligation that come with a traditional dating relationship. There is nothing binding the two parties, outside of choosing to get down and dirty with each other.


How is a No Strings Attached Relationship Different from Casual Dating?

Depending on the context of the relationship, casual dating comes with expected courtesies and behavior from both parties. Anyone entering a No Strings Attached relationship does so without emotional baggage and drama.

Sex dating is more about two individuals testing the waters of each other. Compatibility, interest, attraction and desire are all factors to consider from each party, and a long-term connection is established if the two decide to become a couple. Casual dating involves an individual dating multiple people until he or she finds someone they want to see exclusively.

Are No Strings Attached and Friends With Benefits the Same Thing?

A Friends With Benefits relationship involves a non-judgmental sexual friendship. It is a physical meeting between two parties who know one another, as opposed to two strangers meeting for the first time. In a No Strings Attached relationship, the two parties are a part of each other’s lives, but neither one of them wants to be attached to each other in any committal way. They just want to keep things non-romantic, non-emotional and simple as possible.

Are No Strings Attached and Hooking-Up the Same Thing?

Sort-of. Hooking Up, depending on the context, generally involves two individuals meeting for a physical encounter. People who aren’t in relationships (or are bored of the ones they’re in) tend to be the ones “hooking up”.  No Strings Attached differs from Hooking Up in the sense that the former comes without any expectations, while the latter has potential to turn into something more.



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