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Blog, 2016-05-01 How not to behave on a Casual Sex Dating Site

Women are active on casual sex dating websites and apps more than ever before, and yet the majority of users continue to be male. Why is this?

Simple. Some men between the ages of 23 to 30 (and older) ruin their odds of hooking up with women by acting immature. In a lot of guys’ minds, casual sex means etiquette goes out the window.  These men approach females lewdly, crudely and rudely, throwing away the chance to gauge someone’s personality. To no surprise, such classless behavior is a turn-off for women.

How not to behave on a Casual Sex Dating SiteThe fact of the matter is that ladies on casual dating sites lead the same kinds of lives men do. Women won’t take what they can get, though. They don’t behave like women depicted in porn do, nor are they escorts who will act how you want them to. Quite frankly, women on casual dating sites are no different than the women in your life, including family, co-workers and friends.

Ultimately, females in search of casual sex like the same aspects about it that guys do - a physical thrill, along with someone to pay attention to them.  So if the moral compasses of women on casual sex dating sites are identical to men, does it make sense to treat them any differently than the way you want to be treated?

Sexuality can be fun, more so when the person you’re having fun with is responsible. It brings a level of safety and security to an exciting encounter.  But casual sex is more than just a physical interaction; it’s also the connection between two personalities and bodies. Casual sex doesn’t have to get personal either - chemistry, likability and fun can co-exist with short-term, non-committal discretion.

It’s important to remember that online casual sex dating is not on-demand sex. Women on such websites and apps want to help you get what you want, just as much as they want you to satisfy them. Whomever a woman hooks up with is someone she feels she can trust to open up to.

Guys should know this before using a casual sex dating site. They should respect and understand what’s on a woman’s mind before attempting to converse with them. The possibilities of developing a friends-with-benefits relationship are attainable. The chances of obtaining one will increase if you’re mindful that your fuck buddy is just as much of a person as you are.