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Blog, 2016-05-10 Adult Dating: Meeting Sex Partners

Moving into the world of online dating can be a scary step; your computer screen is suddenly full of people that are looking for casual relationships and the whole process can be somewhat overwhelming. A browse through the personal ads and you will quickly find people of all shapes and sizes which begs one big question; how do I find the right person for me whilst avoiding the people that are…avoidable?

Adult Dating: Meeting Sex PartnersThe easiest way to answer a question like this is to split men and women into two different categories because we vary greatly in our online activities. For example, men are the ‘hunters’ and are therefore more likely to date online and that’s why men make up a larger percentage of profiles. For women, this is great! For men, this means more competition.

Men - The first tip for men is to ignore all the fake profiles that can be found on the varying online dating sites as, simply put, they aren't real. Companies use these sites as a platform to advertise webcam shows, some are computer-generated and some men even pretend to be women. In addition to this, some undercover escorts like to operate online so the normal online precautions apply. If someone is acting overgenerous, it is wise to be careful what information you give out just in case. Once these have been filtered out, there are three main tips for men when attempting online dating:

  • Women like to be entertained - Even if you are both looking for nothing but a casual fling, you still need to entertain and make her want to spend time with you. This means talking about topics that will interest her as well as making her laugh.
  • You should always do your homework - If you really want to impress, check out her profile and bring up a topic she likes. This will give you an instant ‘in’ and can be a great way to find a mutual like. Extra tip - Don’t go overboard and start stalking all her social media profiles and forum posts; that’s a little too far.
  • Women don’t like to give their trust away easily - Despite just being a casual fling, women still need to trust you so do your best to be genuine and trustworthy.

Women - Women arguably have an easier time as there are just so many men on dating sites so the tips here are different:

  • If you want to, bide your time and wait for a guy to approach you.
  • Some sites give you the option of adding details of your dream date (even sex date) and your favourite fantasies so be sure to utilise this.
  • Finally, use the men’s tactic and search for people nearby and click on the profiles you like the look of.

Men often complain that they have it harder because they are the ones that have to approach the women but if you are bored of waiting, there are no rules that state that you can’t message first.

In summary, it has never been easier to go online and find someone that you want to meet up with for a casual fling so, male or female, what are you waiting for?