Blog, 2017-10-11 Questions You Should Never Ask on a First Date

John Brown

Whether you met online or perhaps you’ve been friends for a while, the first date is an important one. If it goes well, this could be the next relationship and it could even be the last ‘first date’ you ever attend. Some tips in this case - how to create the Perfect dinner date. Although people tend to laugh when we say this, it’s going to happen at some point. Therefore, you don’t want to take a wrong step and, by ‘wrong step’, we mean…these questions.

‘Am I attractive?’

Since physical attraction is essential with any relationship, you want to know exactly what the other person thinks of you. However, there are so many ways to go about it as opposed to asking this dreadful question. Not only will this take them by surprise, it also makes you look rather shallow and uninteresting.

‘What’s your plan for the next five years?’

If you’re happy enough that you’ve found someone you want to spend time with in the weeks and months ahead, this doesn’t mean your date feels the same just yet. If they bring up future plans in terms of career, this is great but never ask them about where they see themselves because this is a little overbearing. Instead of worrying about the future, why not enjoy the date in the moment?

‘Why did the last relationship fail?’

Of course, we all want to know why previous relationships failed but we don’t want to bring it up on the first date. Why? Firstly, it could have ended dramatically through a death or some other devastating tale and this will make them feel uncomfortable. Secondly, it shows a lack of sensitivity and it shows we’re looking for something to judge them on. If they aren't over their ex, this ruins the date and you’ll be in an early taxi home alone.

‘Who’s paying, then?’

Currently, we’re at a difficult time for dating because some women believe guys should pay for the first date while some modern women believe the meal should be paid 50/50 and they’ll be offended if you pay for everything. As a man, the best solution we’ve found is to wait for them to speak first when the bill comes over. If they don’t say anything, they’re expecting you to pay. If they want to pay half, they’ll normally bring it up rather quickly.

‘So, who’s the person in your profile picture?’

If you want to end the date in the creepiest way possible, go ahead and use this line. If not, don’t worry about social media and don’t worry about what they might have been up to judging by the profile pictures. For some, they might not use social media anymore so have an old picture while others could be in a picture with their relative. If they’re on a date with you, you can be fairly certain they wouldn't be silly enough to leave their profile picture as them and their partner. 



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