Blog, 2017-08-01 Flirting Like an Expert

John Brown
Is flirting not your forte? Have prior flirtation attempts lead to embarrassment or humiliation? If so, use the following suggestions to perfect your flirting game.

Is flirting not your forte? Have prior flirtation attempts lead to embarrassment or humiliation? If so, use the following suggestions to perfect your flirting game.

Flirting Like an Expert

  1.  Make eye contact. Becoming a better flirt starts with eye contact. The next time you see someone appealing, attempt to make eye contact with that individual. Don’t stare a hole at the person, though. Instead, lock your gaze longer than you would with others. This non-verbally tells the individual that they have your attention.
  2.  Smile. Once you made eye contact with the individual, it’s time for your mouth to act. Smiling lets the person know you fancy them, and that you’re upbeat and happy, which are aspects people like. By smiling, you’re allowing others to sample your positivity, simplifying the process of approaching you (or make you more amenable to confronting them).
  3.  Be mindful of your body language. Are you standing up straight or hunched over? Are your arms at your sides or are they crossed? By modifying your body language, being mindful of your posture, people will see that you’re easy to speak with. The right body language also makes you look confident and that you are worth speaking to, but wrong can show your immaturity (check here how immaturity affect dating) or extra assertiveness
  4.  Listen carefully. When you choose to confront this individual (or they approach you), don’t hijack the discussion or talk more than the other person. Filibustering will make you come across as self-absorbed, overbearing, and impolite. Utilize your listening abilities and allow the individual to do most of the talking. By intently listening without being distracted or interrupted, you’re telling the other person that you’re interested in what they’re saying. In other words, don’t play with your phone while someone is talking to you. Also, listening allows you to get a better judgment of the individual so you can determine if you want to allocate more time to them down the road.
  5.  Make queries. If you know for sure that you want to learn more about this individual, ask them things. Many people like discussing themselves. By making inquiries, you’ll learn about that person’s experiences, opinions, and beliefs. Those questions can help you find shared interests and experiences to discuss, strengthening your connection.
  6.  Offer a genuine compliment. Paying someone a compliment is always worthwhile. But rather than praising a person’s appearance, show your interest in someone by saying something positive about an item they’ve talked about. Doing so will make them feel unique and important, and shows that your connection with them is meaningful.
  7.  Enjoy yourself. Flirting is not an irritation, task, or stressful action. If anything, you should be enjoying yourself while you flirt. Laughing is a vital aspect of successful flirting and creates a positive setting between the two of you. When you naturally enjoy the company you keep, you will come across as optimistic and fun while emitting positive vibes. It might take a while to perfect your flirting skills, but remember: practice makes perfect.



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