Blog, 2017-08-20 Boosting Your Online Attraction Score

John Brown

For the longest time, there’s been a universal rating system for judging people’s looks of the opposite sex. ‘Wow, he’s clearly a nine’ and ‘She’s a solid eight, dude’ have become commonplace in society and this all comes back to our childhoods when we’d see beautiful women before we even knew how to tie a neck tie properly. 

With this, we’ve all wondered where we fall on this scale. Are we a three? Five? Seven? Could we push the ten? Let’s say you’re a five for a moment, could you pick up a bombshell of a ten? Could you get with a woman who would make all your friends envious within one second flat? Sadly, the majority of us think it’s impossible and this is almost depressing to hear. For those who think they’re a five, there’s a whole world of beautiful girls we think are unattainable. 

However, we don’t want you giving up just yet because we believe you can attract ANY girl you want. When dating online, you can boost your arbitrary score as long as you have the right techniques. Thanks to experimentation and testing over the past few years, we think you can turn yourself into a ten in just a few hours. How? Because looks aren't everything. 

As long as you get the basics right - dress well and take care of basic things like hygiene - we’re going to show you how to make yourself a ten right here today. To understand how, we first need to look into male and female attraction. Despite popular belief, attraction isn't a conscious thought we have. When we see a stunning girl walking past, we don’t reason why we can’t take our eyes off her; we’re attracted and it’s instinct. Ever since early man, it’s been hardwired to be attracted to those who could mother our children; back in the day, survival depended on this and now it’s an instant process.

If we were to flip this, women are very different because they respond to internal characteristics which includes personality and sense of humor. Once again, this is instinctive and they like certain qualities whether it’s the alpha male personality, confidence, social value, etc. While men are subconsciously looking for external qualities, women are hardwired to value internal qualities and this knowledge is essential for the dating world; this becomes the foundation for boosting your online dating score.

After assessing the situation for many years, we’ve come up with a list of ten internal qualities women WILL respond to and these personality traits can be found in every married man in the world. For example, we’ve already shown a couple but the list includes humor, confidence, self-confidence, alpha male qualities, and more. By taking these ten triggers, we then need to make them visible in every image we upload, every email we write, and every profile description we have.

In truth, there are endless ways you could do this but you need to infuse all these traits into everything you do online. Without it, you aren't showing the personality traits the women want to see and you’ll forever be a five. Since they have nothing else to work with, women are forced to judge you on your looks alone. When you show personality, you’re offering a much larger package and they can factor this into their decision.

With so many attraction triggers to use, you can keep improving your score as you keep adding them to your online profile. Even if you judge yourself to be a three or four in the looks department, we see no reason why you can’t become an eight in the online dating world. When dating online, this is the perfect opportunity to show your personality WITH your looks as opposed to AFTER with traditional dating. In a bar, women might be able to gauge confidence but personality only shows if they allow you to buy them a drink. If they refuse, you aren't getting your fair shot but online dating changes this.

If you’re willing to work hard at your online profile (why is it matter to be honest on dating profile ) and use the tips we’ve provided here today, you can date a women higher up the ratings system and spend your time with beautiful women. As long as you keep those personality traits when you meet in person, they won’t be disappointed!



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