Blog, 2017-10-09 Online Dating: 4 Huge Misconceptions

John Brown

For those who work from home or don’t really get time to interact with other people outside of work, online dating is a fantastic tool. However, success can be hard to come by when it isn't taken seriously. Today, there are several misconceptions regarding online dating and it’s holding many people back. Below, we’ve listed the four largest misconceptions of all!

Removes the Superficial Nature

If you’ve tried talking to people at a club or bar, you’ll know the struggle. Therefore, they choose online dating as an opportunity to get away from it only to realize it’s actually more superficial than they ever thought possible.

When we interact with other people in person, we evaluate several factors from body language to scent, charm to sexual chemistry. Online, these are impossible traits to assess even after talking through a messaging service. Instead, this means we’re forced to judge people by external factors such as height, weight, and overall physical appearance. Most of the time, we decide not to initiate contact with someone based on looks alone.

Fixes Dating Problems

For many, they think online dating will suddenly fix their lack of flirting ability or troubles in holding a conversation; it won’t. Whether you’re talking to somebody face-to-face or by using the internet, the laws of attraction will always apply. With this in mind, you’re always going to need social skills even online. There is some reasons you’re failing at online dating.

On the flip side, we could say online dating gives you an opportunity to hone your skills and make you feel more comfortable without having to awkwardly leave conversations at the bar.

Makes Dating Easy

‘All you need these days is a profile picture and a copy-and-pasted description’; this is completely untrue. Currently, we seem to be breeding a society of lazy daters who get frustrated when they can’t even earn a coffee with somebody of their desired sex.

If you’re just researching online dating now because you’re thinking about giving it a go, it isn't easy. Even for those who normally attract attention in bars and clubs, it’s hard to get attention online let alone getting to the point where we have a date for the evening. At the very least, you need to put in the effort to have a good profile, select good pictures, write creative messages, and be patient. If you can’t do these things, you can’t go into online dating expecting immediate success.

Numbers Game

Every day, there’s only a certain amount of people we see so surely online dating is the answer with thousands of people available at the click of a button? While the theory of this sounds great, it doesn’t actually work like this in practice. Sure, you thought about the thousands of potential dates but did you think about the thousands of competitors? In order to attract even the slightest amount of attention, you need to stand out in some way otherwise you’ll get lost in the crowd like the thousands before you.

As mentioned at the beginning, online is a fantastic tool…but only if you enter the world with managed expectations. If you take your time, have fun, create a bubbly profile, send unique messages, build your confidence, and appreciate the conversations, there’s no reason why you can’t find somebody soon!



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